We’ll play in Koln the 16th of jan

Köllefornia Risin´ III with Noorvik & Gomer Pyle

Sonic Ballroom Oskar-Jäger-Strasse 190, 50825 Keulen

Gomer Pyle is a legendary Psychedelic Stoner/Grunge Rock band from the Netherlands. After releasing some EP´s in 2008 they released their masterpiece “Idiots Savants”. Until today referred to as a ‘stoner icon’ by many. Idiots Savants is a great mix of psychedelic jams and hard-straight (stoner) rock. Gomer Pyle is an unconventional band with a broad musical range and musical interest. Each song seems a genre collage, a listener once said. Actually, it is all about the unbounded creative process. The autonomous journey where goals or not to please or fulfill (commercial) expectations, but to give way to creativity and the art of music and related arts. Through the years Gomer Pyle has gathered a great accumulation of fellow-thinkers and musical friends.
In 2011 the band fell apart due to colliding personalities and individual issues. After all those years it seemed Gomer Pyle was done for. But after a long period of musical vacuum, the urge to put life back into the band rose strong. Mark Brouwer and Mark van Loon, historically the main composers of Gomer Pyle got together again to look at some material Brouwer wrote. They both felt the strong urge to pick up the band again. An old friend and drummer, Kees Haverkamp, stepped in and a new bass player was found in Danny Huijgens. In 2016 the band released an EP, and played great gigs in the Netherlands and Europe. Sadly in 2017 their manager and friend Bidi van Drongelen (Danny van Drongelen) died. Bidi made all the difference for the band. Him, being a true and passionate music fan and connoisseur, opened doors, created opportunities, and put Gomer Pyle in the spot they are now. His demise was (again) a paralyzing blow to the band. But now it was clear, music should and shall overcome grieve and give consolation and support. The band went on with pain but without a doubt. Bidi van Drongelen’s favorite Gomer Pyle, as also Jerome Crutsen´s, song ‘Bring on the Diesel’ will forever be on the setlist as a tribute to Bidi! The band picked up the songs from Brouwer and started writing songs for a new and upcoming double album due early 2020. An album with a large footprint for the band since so many radical things happened during the writing process. It will be a true successor to “Idiots Savants”.

Gomer Pyle is best known for its live performances. Always there to connect with the audience in an overwhelming and true spirit!
At the Sonic Ballroom they will play an extended set with the classics from “Idiot Savants” and hopefully also new stuff.

Einlass: 20h, Beginn: 21h, Eintritt: 12€

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